Warriors Unbeaten Run Came to an End at the Hands of Canons

Warriors unbeaten run is over as the UCU Canon responded to their loss to the KIU Titans by getting one over the Pemba Warriors. The irony in all this is that UCU Canons and Pemba Warriors were the only beaten teams in the league just a week and half back but UCU lost to KIU and the Mukono side responded by taking away Warriors unbeaten run.

UCU beat the Pemba Warriors by 62:60 points and this was after what many would say wasn’t their best performance as they trailed for majority of the game.

Coach Nick Natuhereza played a 2-3 zone defense formation of which the 3 man line was maned by Titus Lual, Fadhil Chumah and David Deng who when they stretch out, they can cover the entire baseline and this helped them reduce on the Warriors driving in.

The 3 man wall that Coach Natuhereza put together to be able to defend against the big players of Warriors

Warriors did have a way to fight that back and that is because they have some really big players which included Bazangu, Melo, Jonathan Kambala, Stanley and Chirs who can match the 3 big men of UCU Canons. This size advantage gave them an early lead in the game.

For most parts of the game, UCU just kept on reducing the lead that the Warriors had come up with but never really did anything in the game in terms of taking the lead.

Warriors just failed to defend their lead for majority of the game.

In the fourth quarter, with just a few minutes to play for, Warriors did a poor job in defending their lead with players Bazangu making unnecessary shots and failing to make a basket. He attempted 6 3 pointer shots but managed to score only two.

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UCU managed to grab the lead in the game with just about a minute to go and defended well till they managed to win the game.

The Pemba Warriors contest that as Mark Opio was going for the 3 pointer he was fouled by then the refs did not make the call and also Stanley Mugerwa was fouled just about 5 seconds to go as he was making  a rebound which was also not called.

What we have learnt though is that Warriors should have done a better job in defending and protecting their lead which they didn’t do well and that cost them the game.




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