The Pemba Warriors Comfortably Fend off KCCA Men

The Pemba Warrriors who last season finished off in the semifinals started off on a strong note by beating KCCA Men’s 75:61.

Warriors started off very powerfully and by the end of the first quarter, they were having a comfortable lead in the first quarter 25:13 and by the end of the second, they were up 41:13. This ideally means that they stopped KCCA from making any baskets in the second quarter.

Maker Deng and Kambala Jonathan really did have a great game running point on the offense and defense.

Deng was very pivotal for the Warriors in the paint as he was putting in all the rebounds and quite very good at breaking down the offense of the KCCA. He managed to score over 21 points while Kambala who was running point for most parts of the game also scored 21 points.

Kambala was the eventual player of the night because of how dictated the game for the Warriors and showed leadership.

KCCA almost broke the hearts of the Pemba Warriors fans when they scored over 20 points in the 3rd quarter which meant that they reduced Warrior’ lead from 21 points difference to just 8 but the Warriors kept their cool heads, brought back Kambala and Deng who managed to cool down the game. 3rd quarter ended 59:46.

In the 4th quarter, it was rather a tight affair as both sides were going for each other, KCCA’s Ibrahim was all but the difference as he rallied on good points and create assists for the team.  The 4th Quarter ended with KCCA managing 15 points compared to Warriors’ 16 point but these weren’t enough to help them challenge the Warriors’ eventually.

Norman Blick another of the Veterans playing for KCCA had a frustrating as he seems to be finding how to settle into this new side of his. He had great passes but the team just weren’t coordinating as they should.

KCCA will have themselves to blame because defensively they just weren’t set up well and this only means that Warriors were going to always punish. Players like Nbuni Francis, Oyugi Geofrey, Oduor Innocent, just didn’t use their bodies well in the Defense and thus they got punished.

For the Pemba Warriors, they will have to go back and find a way to manage play when they don’t have players like Kambala, Deng and Imran on the court because when both of those players went off, the team struggled.

Former finalist Chris Bashere who now players for the Pemba Warriors was also very good and should even get better for them if they are to challenge for this season’s championships.

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