Power’s Soro and Ameny, Warriors Amisi suspended and fined

Betway Power will be without Soro Geofrrey and Philip Ameny while Pemba Warriors have lost Said Amisi with the three players suspended from active basketball and fined accordingly.

Soro Geoffrey was cited for initiating an altercation on court (on court indiscipline) last friday Night when the Betway Power were taking on Pemba Warriors, while Warriors Amisi and Power’s Ameny have been suspended for their involvement in the melee. Warriors beat Power 67-61 in that game.

Soro has been fined USD 200 and suspended for 25 (twenty five games) which means that he will miss the rest of the regular season, and given how far Power will go, the playoffs too. Philip Ameny and Said Amisi were each fined USD 150 and suspended for 10 consecutive games subjecting their respective teams.

Power entertain defending champions City Oilers this evening and will definitely miss the services of Soro and Ameny.

Betway Power Vs City Oiler Game Highlights

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