This past weekend, the Black Pirates won the second Rugby 7s series in Jinja in as many events to maintain a firm grip of the top spot on the table.

The Legends based side, captained by the indomitable Isaac Massa Kityo, disposed of Jinja Hippos in the finals of the main cup 26-05.

Jinja Hippos, who were the hosting side of the day, made easy work of National 7s Champions Betway Kobs in the semi finals, winning 17-07 to book a place in the final against Pirates who had disposessed of a stubborn Buffaloes side 17-05.

Things are not going Kobs way this year as they are yet to feature in any of the two main cups finals so far this year, being beaten at the semi finals on both occasions.

On the back of the second win, Captain Massa was quoted to say, “It has been competitive but we managed to overcome this. The players put in a big shift and this is for the fans.”

The next series of the Guinness sponsored National 7s will be hosted at Kyadondo Rugby Club and hosted by the Toyota Buffaloes.


Black Pirates 31:00 Walukuba Barbarians
Toyota Buffaloes 24:17 Plascon Mongers
Betway Kobs 28:00 Mbale Wolves
Mulago Rams 07:17 Warriors
Jinja Hippos 26: 05 Shell Rimula Rhinos
Hima Cement Heathens 39: 07 Stallions
Plascon Mongers 52:00 Walukuba Barbarians
Betway Kobs 34:05 Mulago Rams
Warriors 22:00 Mbale wolves
Shell Rimula Rhinos 07:26 Hima Cement Heathens
Stallions 00:31 Jinja Hippos
Black Pirates 30:00 Plascon Mongers
Toyota Buffaloes 31:00 Walukuba Barbarians
Betway Kobs 28:00 Warriors
Rams 28 : 00 Mbale Wolves
Shell Rimula Rhinos 19: 12 Stallions
Jinja Hippos 19:17 Hima Cement Heathens

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Main Cup Knockouts:

QF1: Black Pirates 47-00 Shell Rimula Rhinos
QF2: Betway Kobs 34-00 Plascon Mongers
QF3: Jinja Hippos 17-07 Hima Cement Heathens
QF4: Toyota Buffaloes 14-00 Warriors

SF1: Black Pirates 26-05 Toyota Buffaloes
SF2: Jinja Hippos 17-07 Betway Kobs

Final: Black Pirates 26-05 Jinja Hippos



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