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Lady Cranes are in a rebuilding process – Lemerigar

Coach Edgar Lemerigar has reiterated the fact that his rugby side, the lady Cranes, are in a rebuilding process and has cautioned fans to be patient with the ladies.

“Yes, it is a rebuilding process for us all, the players, coaches and game managers all alike,” Coach Lemerigar told Kratos Sports.

“We are looking at using all our guns including the new faces on the block, like Tino Esther from the Mbale Eagles.”

“She had a rude awakening against the Kenya Lionesses in the Elgon Cup but now she can only get better.”

The Lady Cranes hadn’t had a competitive game in 15s rugby in close to 4 years but will be looking to have played 5 in the space of 2 and a half months. The Lady Cranes were on the less desired sides of their clashes with the Kenya Lionesses, losing the first leg 44-13 and the second leg 35-05.

“The fans need to stick with us. To paraphrase, women’s 15s rugby is a house that had collapsed but were working to bring back up bigger and stronger.

The Lady Cranes play Kenya Lionesses, South Africa and Madagascar for a place in the 2021 Women’s Rugby World Cup in New Zealand.

Lady Rugby Cranes team:

1. Faith Namugga (Entebbe Lady Swans) 2. Yvonne Najjuma (Thunderbirds) 3. Evelyn Aweku (Thunderbirds) 4. Charity Atimango (Thunderbirds) 5. Winnie Atyang (Thunderbirds – captain) 6. Hellen Gizamba (Thunderbirds) 7. Mary Gloria Ayot (Black Pearls) 8. Beatrice Lamunu Atim (Entebbe Lady Swans)  9. Juliet Nandawula (Entebbe Lady Swans) 10. Claire Anena (Thunderbirds) 11. Harriet Kayonjo (Thunderbirds) 12. Peace Lekuru (Entebbe Lady Swans – assistant captain) 13. Asha Nakityo Nabulime (Thunderbirds) 14. Emmanuela Oroma (Black Pearls) 15. Samiya Ayikoru (Thunderbirds) 16. Peace Mirembe (Black Pearls) 17. Christine Nakamya (Entebbe Lady Swans) 18. Irene Nzige (Thunderbirds) 19. Christine Nakayiza (Thunderbirds) 20. Loy Mbabazi (Thunderbirds) 21. Teddy Iwutung (Thunderbirds) 22. Esther Tino (Mbale Eagles) 23.Joan Andika Mukoya (Thunderbirds) 24. Odoyi Mary Kyoita (Thunderbirds) 25. Agnes Nakuya (Thunderbirds) 26. Rosenberg Kanyunyuzi (Thunderbirds)
Head Coach:  Edgar Lemerigar 
Team manager: Racheal Babirye Kakaire
Physiotherapist: Nelson Mayeku
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