Kratos Player Profile : The name is Desire Ayera

Kratos Player Profile : The name is Desire Ayera

Name : Ayera Desire Ruhweza
Height : 182cm
Positions : Flank and Eighth man
Clubs : Currently – Black Pirates Previously – Rams RFC
International caps / engagements : Sevens rugby world cup, Commonwealth sevens tournament, OktoberFest sevens tournament, Victoria  Falls sevens, Dubai sevens and Hong Kong HSBC qualifiers.


Desire Ayera Ruhweza is born to a family of 8 children among whom is bigger brother Alema Ruhweza “Didi” supported by very loving parents. Desire went to City Parents’ School and then Makerere college school for his secondary education before progressing to Uganda Christian university.

Rugby Journey
Desire started playing rugby in his senior two at Makerere college school popularly known as “MACOS”, rugby was a sport that was respected very much by kids in the school because of the perception that it was played by the toughest of lads.


In his time at the school, Desire had one fond achievement when the team came 2nd in the High school nationals in 2016 which meant that they qualified and took part in the East African games.


Desire later joined Rams where he got his first feel of club rugby for a short stint before eventually switching allegiances to the Black Pirates where he has risen in popularity. It is hard to go around rugby circles without hearing of the young energetic lad.

A lot was questioned about his early inclusion into the national sevens set up but with every tournament, his performances have silenced critics and won over many more believers.


Balancing school and rugby
Desire shares with us his challenges on staying level in school while taking part in a game he loves so much,

“ balancing school and rugby is the hardest ever. I remember, i had a string of tournaments and had missed two sets of tests and all my finals. I had to come.back and do 14 tests of the finals on top of 12 sets of tests all in one semester in a span of about 1 and a half months.”

However perseverance is key in all things and that got him through.


Best rugby moment

Winning the treble with Black Pirates in the 2017-2018 season.

Desire in action for the Pirates last season

Worst rugby moment

“Worst rugby moment was when we lost all matches in the recently concluded Safari sevens”

Future Rugby Aspirations

“ Joining the national 15’s team and playing in the Guinness Pro 14”

Role Model in sport

“Usain Bolt”


Role model generally

“Richie McCaw and Joseph Kato”


Favourite rugby player

Local – Marvin Odong and Solomon Okia.

Marvin Odongo in action for Uganda. Photo credit – Ragahouse


International – “Kwagga Smith”


What changes you would make if you had the power
“ If I had the power, I would make rugby a popular source of entertainment because that’s what it’s taken as, outside Uganda and it is an untapped market.  I would give players on the national team salaries so that they can also glot properly about being a rugby player not all talk.  If I had the power I would build a proper rugby stadium.”

Message to the fans

“ I honestly encourage the fans to keep supporting because sometimes we don’t play for the money or fame, we play for the people who get out of their beds to watch us”

Message to Upcoming players

“Every player shouldn’t have a limit, strive to achieve something that’s extra ordinary and always believe in yourself because no one believes in the faint hearted”

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