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Kratos Player Profile : Shell Rimula Rhino’s Byron Oketayot

Name : Oketayot byron

Weight : 93 kgs

Height : 186 cm

Current Club : Shell Rhimula Rhinos

Previous Club/s : Gulu Elephants rugby

National engagements : Integral member of the Uganda sevens and the 15’s Rugby Cranes


Early Journey

Byron Morgan Oketayot started his rugby experience in senior two while living in Gulu and has pursued the sport ever since, ensuring that he learns at every stage of the game. Byron continued playing in his secondary school with an affiliation to the town’s biggest team; the Gulu Elephants.

It was his displays for the Elephants that helped push the team to the Nile Special Super ten, along with many of his teammates, they got the exposure to elite rugby in Uganda that they craved.

He was scooped up by the Shell Rimula Rhinos, as his former side unfortunately got relegated to the championship. At Rhinos, his development hit another level with frequent game time which saw him earn a call up for both the sevens and fifteens national teams.

In action for the Shell Rimula Rhinos

His humility and hard work have seen him stay at the top and travel the world; Kenya, South Africa, Hong Kong, San Francisco and many other places. He remains a big part of the Rhinos and the national team after a very impressive display in the recently concluded CAR Africa tier 1A campaign.

Byron with the U-19

Life outside rugby 

“Byron is still a student and puts aside time to focus on completing his books”

Favorite Rugby moment
“Wining the U-19 CAR tournament which was my first international rugby tournament in 2014, winning African cup 7’s in 2017, Playing in the Rugby sevens world cup”


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Worst moment
“When I got injured in the Africa 7’s rugby tournament in 2017, failure to qualify for the HSBC in 2017 when we had the chance” 


Favorite Rugby Players

International – Warner Kok

Local – Philip Wokorach

Future Rugby Aspirations

“Playing in the Olympics, playing more world cups and qualifications for the HSBC 7’s series”


Message to upcoming players
“Most importantly discipline, commitment and hard work. Those are a must if you’re a rugby player or any sports man.”


Message to the fans
“Thanking all of them for the support they give towards rugby in different angles, and I do request them to do more so that we turn rugby into a bigger sport in Uganda.”