Joe Schmidt reveals actual reason for his decision to leave Ireland

Joe Schmidt reveals actual reason for his decision to leave Ireland

It is no secret that the World Rugby coach of the year Joe Schmidt , who has been in the driving seat at Ireland for the past four years, has announced his departure from his role as head coach after the 2019 Rugby world cup. Joe has enjoyed an illustrious career with Ireland that has seen them beat the All Blacks twice on top of winning the Grand slam.


Many thought he is the undoubted replacement for Steve Hansen in the All Blacks back room but he has come out to turn down the job and give the real reason why he has to part ways with Ireland after 2019.


Earlier in the day, Joe Schmidt revealed that he had made a decision to prioritize family over work, his son Luke has been battling epilepsy and had also battled with a brain tumour when younger. Joe feels like he needs to give more time to his child and the rest of the family as he tends to be a workaholic who gets immersed in his job even when at home.

Joe with his son Luke

Schmidt added that he is just a “small cog in the machine” and is confident Ireland will continue to find success even if he leaves. He will greatly miss working with the coaches and the players in the IRFU who have been patient with him and have accommodated him for the past 4 years.


David Nucifora, IRFU director of performance, said that Schmidt has had a hugely positive influence on Irish rugby and the community at large – not just as a coach but also investing himself in helping other coaches in their own development.

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