JKL Lady Dolphins beat KCCA Women in the league opener

Photo : Mugabi Don

JKL Lady Dolphins beat KCCA Women in the league opener to revise the script from where they stopped last season.

Last night was an indication of things to come this season, as JKL Lady Dolphins proved why they are the reigning champions, beating KCCA Women when the two sides faced off last night at the MTN Lugogo Arena to kick-start  the 2019 National Basketball League.

The difference in strategy, tactics  and performance between the two teams  was so clear in the first half of the game as the KCCA leopards displayed impressive strategies and yet struggled to have a foothold on the game. Berly Aoko and Martha Soigi paved the way to most of the power plays made by the Leopards and their execution was a thing of marvel. Cynthia Irakunda was their play maker and commanded most of their plays which placed the Leopards in a leading position of 25-17 at the break.

The Dolphins dominated the game in the second half  they struggled through the ranks to change the tide of the game. Ritah Imanishimwe did not disappoint and took the charge finding room for some outstanding shots many of which never fell.

However the Dolphins displayed an overpowering influence and commanded the rest of the game giving the Leopards a hefty run for their money which led in their victory.

Jane Asinde, Muhayimina  Namuwaya and Jamila Nansikombi teaming up with Flavia Oketcho the lady that proved that she had an outstanding understanding of the game set the pace for the 3rd quarter nailing 28 points on the board for the dolphins.

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JKL’s Jamilah Nansikmobi goes in for a lay-up Photo : Mugabi Don

One thing was for certain last night, the one month heavy training the team had undergone to prepare for this tournament will pay off as the roster is filled with brilliant players.

Nansikombi had the best points(20),Asinde(13points,8 rebounds) and Imanishimwe nailed 9 points for the reigning champions.

On the Leopards end Irankunda had (11)points with (6) assists.Lillian Otieno had 10 points after coming off the bench while Soigi had 9 points too thus ending the game.

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