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Jinja 7s : Kobs win and four other things we learnt.

Jinja 7s were the penultimate edition of the National Roke 7s and Betway Kobs did come away with the ultimate win at the end of it all.

Betway Kobs now have a firm one hand grip on the overall national Roke 7s crown after coming out of Jinja 7s with the win in the finale, putting the Pirates aside with a 28-19 victory in the final.

1.Kobs and Pirates are MIIIIIILLLLEEEESSSSS ahead of the rest.

We have known this and we probably needed a refresher course but the Betway Kobs and Black have sown this entire Roke 7s calendar that they are the best two teams when it comes to Sevens rugby. They have met in all six finales, making a lot of easy work of whoever they meet along the way. It is no wonder there is so much room between them at the top and the rest of the masquerading teams.

2.No Kasito, No Blue Army party.

The Betway Kobs have now been in six Roke 7s finals, but only lost two; both to the Black Pirates. It is no coincidence that in both instances, Adrian Kasito hasn’t been in the match day squad. Kasito wasn’t fit to play in Masaka, for the Buddu 7s, and the same was the case at the Coronation 7s. He has been a thorn in Pirates flesh during the finals where he has played and has scored on all occasions.

3.Hima Cement Heathens – why even bother?

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Mentioning the name Hima Cement Heathens in rugby circles is almost always met with admiration for what the club has achieved, along with their big boy status. Well, that is no more; if their rugby in the Roke 7s is anything to go by. They were on the unlucky end of the news on Saturday, when they lost to Pirates and Mongers in the groups, and leaving it late to savage a draw against invitational side Crocs. The latter sent murmurs and mockery around the crowds on Saturday, with many in disbelief.

4.Rhinos are as good as relegated.

Rhinos needed to win the Jinja 7s to be assured of safety in the Roke 7s 2019-2020 calendar. That sounds like the most hilarious thing that could have ever happened. Well, they finished in eighth place and now need to win the Kitaka 7s – another joke clearly – and hope for Rams not to turn up that weekend. I am not in the mood for writing jokes or scripts for jokes so I shall move on to the crowd in Jinja.

5.Rain was just a crowd’s catalyst

Even before the first round of group stages got done, the heavens had given way and the ground was getting wet, muddy and unbearable. This is usually supposed to deter crowds but that was quite the opposite in Jinja. Fans kept thronging Dam Waters to have a test of the Jinja fever and safe to say the hype of the event lived up to its billing. Rugby teams came through with the games, Roke Telekom and Guinness came through too with the fun and rewards, and the fans added sauce to the event like always. Jinja indeed came through.

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