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Rugby Uganda: Impis confirm Core Status for 2019 National 7s

Impis battled it out with 4 other teams to qualify for National 7s series core status next year (2019) in the just ended floodlights 7s at Kyadondo rugby club on 1st September 2018.

The last completed 7s circuit was unique as it left one spot for 5 teams to battle up and prove to each other which team deserved to qualify for the 2019 7s circuit core status which has nine teams. Impis proved to the other teams that it was the best team to take the spot, winning 29-00 against Kyambogo , 31-05 against Walukuba, 22-07 against Western Titans,10-05 against stallions.

Impis’ dominated the other teams in the group states which made the other teams look like they don’t deserve the 7s core status spot.

Impis qualified for the semi -finals where they had a rough time against the Western Titans in the half time where they were being lead 12:00.impis determination to qualify for the 7s league series next was beyond Western Titans see were they came back with 3 tries and 1 conversion giving them a lead 17-12 against western Titans.

Impis walked to the final with high confidence demolishing Stallions confidence not giving stations hope to win the spot. Unlike Stallions couldn’t allow to walk out of their home ground without a try making Aaron break the line and scoring a try and conversion making the score 21-07 in favor of Impis.

Game1: Impis 29-00 Kyambogo
Game2: Impis 31-05 Walukuba
Game 3: Impis 22-07 Western Titans
Game 4: Impis 10-05 Stallions

Semi Finals: Impis 22-17 Western Titans
Finals: Impis 21-07 Stations

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