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Hana win Budo 7s circuit on return to school rugby

Hana Mixed international school beat Namilyango College 19-07 in the final to win the final national schools 7s circuit held at Kings College Budo on a rainy and wet Sunday afternoon.

Hana scored three tries to spur them to the win while Namilyango College only dotted down once in the final encounter.

Hana Mixed opened the scoring when Aaron Tukei sold a beautiful dummy to the Ngonian defenders to give him a clear chance to cross the white. Baskut converted expertly to give Hana Mixed a perfect score. Namilyango College rallied back in the same spirit with Olupot Jonathan  selling dummies on his way to scoring Namilyango’s only try of the game before converting it to level the game and ending the first half 7-7.

The second half was all Hana Mixed after Mixed found space on the short side off a scrum to score the second try for Hana Mixed. At the death, Bakyaita found space in the middle and cruised through to score Hana Mixed’s third try and put the game beyond reach for Namilyango, and a baskut conversion meant Hana Mixed win 19-07 at full time.

Vienna score one of their tries of the day.

9 teams participated from 7 schools with Namilyango College and Kings College Budo sending a second team to contest i.e. Tigons and Weatherhead respectively.

With Hana Mixed winning the first outing, they ranks first, followed by Namilyango’s senior team with third and fourth being filled Kings College Budo’s senior and junior teams respectively.

“It was a good day and I am happy we are going into the home circuit with a win. This was supposed to act as a trial for the return of rugby at Hana,” said Muhumuza Jeremy, Hana Mixed captain.

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“It was a good tournament.We have always wanted to bring back the game of Hana and back up with the old glory like it used to be. I advised the boys to every game like it was the last and I am happy we won,” said Onen Charles, coach of Hana Mixed.


Budo 7s : Sunday, 9th June 2019

Group Games:

Weather-head 20-05 Vienna
Kings College Budo 15-00 Creamland
Hana Mixed 25-15 Greenhill
Namilyango College 20-05 Weather-head
London College 19-12 Kings College Budo
Greenhill 05-10 Tigons
Vienna 05-21 Namilyango College
Creamland 05-00 London College
Tigons 05-15 Hana Mixed

Namilyango College 22-00 Greenhill
Kings College 20-00 Creamland
Hana Mixed 15-00 Tigons
Weather-head 22-21 London College

Placements Semis:
Creamland 00-34 Tigons
Greenhill 19-14 London College

Namilyango College 19-00 Weather-head
Kings College Budo 05-12 Hana Mixed

7th Place Playoff:
Creamland 00-21 London College

5th Place Playoff:
Tigons 14-00 Greenhill

3rd Place Playoff:
Weather-head 00-31 Kings College Budo

Namilyango College 07-19 Hana Mixed

1. Hana Mixed
2. Namilyango College
3. Kings College Budo
4. Weather-head
5. Tigons
6. Greenhill Academy
7. London College
8. Creamland
9. Vienna College



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