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Coronation 7s launched at Legends

URU in conjuction with Buganda Kingdom,Rhinos rugby club and Vivo Energy launched the 2019 edition of the Coronation 7s, to be hosted at Legends Rugby Club at Saturday, 20th July, 2019.

The Coronation 7s will be the fifth edition of the Roke Telecom National 7s Series, and second 7s series to be hosted at Legends this year after the Mileke 7s hosted by DusuPay Warriors. While it will be the third time the Coronation Sevens are being played, Rhinos are now hosting only for the second time.

“The plan is to have this long term. We are not going to be playing rugby but are also working on a theme around environmental conservation,” said Alex Kalimugogo, Chairman Rhinos Rugby Club.

“This year will be bigger and we implore the press to get 1000 people here at Legends, and make it a celebration.”

“This marks one of the events of the 26th Coronation anniversary of our Kabaka. It’s a good celebration for the public to join in. The kingdom might not be as active in rugby and we’re working around that clearly. It’s a huge opportunity,” said Prince David Wasajja.

“We want to promote rugby in Buganda. It has seemed limited to a specific community and we want to open it up. We believe the schools tournament is a way of developing the game, and it was successfully held.”

“We’re grateful to Shell for taking this on too and sponsoring our team hosts (Rhinos)and we shall all work together to promote the game.”

“We want to bring awareness to the need to conserve the environment. That’s one of the other initiatives under this celebration.”

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The environmental theme of conservation is already underway as a the tree planting exercise was started at St Mary’s College Kisubi, when the School’s version of the Coronation Cup was played.

” We want to thank Legends and the media, for making sure we tap into the game of rugby as a kingdom. Sensitization is key here as we hope the game breaks deeper than its known social circle,” remarked Buganda’s Adam Ssematiko.

“We’re proud sponsors of Rhinos, but still, we are proud to extend our love to all things rugby and not just Rhinos,” remarked Vivo Energy’s Rebecca Nassiwa.

“We’ll be having lots of activations, and hampers and merchandise, including MOTM awards. Sabasajja awangaale.”

Coronation Sevens will be part of the Buganda Kingdom’s celebration package of the Coronation Cup, as the Kingdom aims to use Sports to celebrate Kabaka’s Muwenda Mutebi’s 26th Coronation anniversary.

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