The Uganda Select 7s side that is to take part in the Christie 7s this weekend has been named including bright prospects from about seven locally based clubs.

Pirates 7s captain has been joined in this team by fellow sea robbers Timothy Kisiga and Haruna Muhammad. Pirates are also expected to take part in the Christie 7s. The Pirates boys have been joined by Floodlights 7s MVP Adrian Kasito and his Kobs compatriot Ian Munyani.

Rujumba 7s MVP, Steven Alul has made the team, from Buffaloes alongside Levis Ocen and Innocent Gwokto. Shell Rimula Rhinos have been represented by arguably Uganda’s best player between July and August and enforcer, Byron Oketayot. The list is completed by Opio Joel from Mongers and two boys from Jinja in Dennis Wakate from Walukuba and Jacob Ocen form the Hippos.

The team boasts of the international experience of Adrian and Byron accrued from their exploits on the 7s and 15s international scenes, and Ian Munyani from the 15s outing with the national team in the Gold Cup. Timothy Kisiga is the other with international experience after his exploits with the 7s stretching to the Rugby Sevens World Cup.

Pirates’ Timothy Kisiga in action against Buffaloes in the Coronation 7s

The Uganda 7s have been grouped alongside Ngong Road nemeses, Impala Saracens and Kenya Harlequins. Impala Saracens ended last weekend (Dala 7s) in third, after beating KCB 12-07 in the third place playoff, while Harlequins lost the the fifth place playoff to Nondescripts, 19-07.

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The team departs today for the Kenyan capital.

Uganda Select 7s side for

  1. Byron Oketayot (Shell Rimula Rhinos)
  2. Adrian Kasito (Betway Kobs)
  3. Ian Munyani (Betway Kobs)
  4. Haruna Muhammad (Black Pirates)
  5. Isaac Massa (Black Pirates)
  6. Timothy Kisiga (Black Pirates)
  7. Steven Alul (Toyota Buffaloes)
  8. Levis Ocen (Toyota Buffaloes)
  9. Innocent Gwokto (Toyota Buffaloes)
  10. Jacob Oceng (Jinja Hippos)
  11. Dennis Wakate (Walukuba Barbarians)
  12. Opio Joel (Plascon Mongers)


Christie 7s Day 1

11:10am : Impala Saracens Vs Uganda Select 7s

1:40pm : Kenya Harlequins Vs Uganda Select 7s

4:30pm : Northern Suburb Cubs Vs Uganda Select 7s

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