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Buddo target big home win against London college

King’s college Buddo will want to forget what went down last Sunday at Namilyango, not because of the loss but the manner in which they lost. The 22-06 scoreboard could appear misleading but the Red lions weren’t as hapless as it may seem bar an appallingly sloppy show of execution.


At a certain point in the game against Namilyango, Buddo were bossing matters, claiming all the scrum downs with their forwards then supplying fly half Sejjoba Arnold who pulled the strings relatively well for a young man and on very many occasions released his centres to slice and dice through the Namilyango back line at will.

Buddo brought the contest to Namilyango early on

For all the above, Buddo had only 6 points to show in 80 minutes, a woeful return on effort and Coach Dennis Etuket of Pirates rugby club will have paid much attention to ball handling, communication and coordination to make sure that they aren’t so wasteful when they meet London college of St. Lawrence this Sunday.


Another aspect that will need a lot of fine tuning is their defensive patterns, much as they broke through Namilyango at ease, the Ngonians waltzed through Buddo so comfortably that the contest ended prematurely.

The Budo defense was very porous

Kicking will be another aspect that should have been worked on in the Buddo camp because if the kickers had put in 4/4 in their early attempts then it would have been a whole different ball game.


Buddo host their first game of the campaign and welcome London college who are a surprise package whenever they show case in this tournament – the strengths of their teams vary from year to year and can only be determined on the day when on pitch.


Unpredictability is a tricky case for Buddo because you don’t know how to properly plan for it but the “Gakyaali mabaga” boys will want to bounce back strong with a win in front of their home crowd and hopefully wrestle top spot away from the Anchors of Namilyango.