Andy Farrell set to be new Ireland coach in 2019

Former England coach Andy Farrell who also doubles as son of Owen Farrell has been tipped to take over from Joe Schmidt as the next head coach of Ireland when the latter leaves his post next year after the rugby world cup. Having gone on for a while as mere speculation, Joe Schmidt confirmed the rumours as he has decided to step down and focus on family.


Andy Farrell, who was his assistant in charge of defence, will take over the realms from late 2019 as he was pipped as the man to continue in the legacy of Schmidt who has been Ireland’s most successful manager in their history.


Schmidt, in his communication earlier this week, said that Andy Farrell and company are what he would term as “leaving Ireland in good hands” and he is confident that with the group of players in the country along with the current coaching staff, every thing looks to only get better from this point on.


Andy Farrell was let go by England in 2015 after a disastrous world cup where the hosts didn’t leave the group, this opportunity however presents an opportunity for him to right the wrongs of 2015 and even get back at England as he will take charge of one of their biggest rivals.