Kratos is a sports media house committed to putting out well tailored sports information using the integration of different media platforms that people can relate and use at their convenience.

As a sports media brand, we aim to show sports in its actual sense, focusing on rugby at the moment with information based off passion and knowledge of the game relevant to the different stakeholders i.e. teams, players, management and the game generally.

 Kratos brand has an online business site that makes it easy for people to access sports apparel like jerseys for both local and international teams not to mention the Uganda national team.

With the growing need for brand recognition in Uganda, the site also caters for online advertisement where businesses are able to pay for airtime and have their brands as well as their products showcased.


Redefining Sports in Africa


To be the most reliable source of relevant information and services as regards sports by assembling the most passionate team able to deliver to our clients’ tastes and preferences.


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